Virtual In-Home Assessment

You have arrived at our Virtual In-Home Assessment because you likely have an elderly family member or close friend who lives at home without assistance.  Many seniors live at home while ignoring small but meaningful changes in daily activities which can result in tragic outcomes.  For example, falls often occur in the home and are the leading cause of death in people sixty-five and older.  Early intervention can help people live at home longer.

Our multiple choice Assessment will help you assess whether your family member (parent, grandparent or other close family) is living with safety risks that could be reduced.  The questions in our Assessment are based on the top risks concerning safety and well-being among seniors living at home.  While the Assessment is high-level and not a substitute for an in-home assessment, it does serve as a barometer of how well people are living on their own.  

Enter your name and email in the form to download the Assessment and assess the safety and well-being of your family member.

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