A personal assistant for less than $3/day!

When you don’t need in-home care or assisted living, but worry that some of life’s common challenges will prevent you from living your life to the fullest, Life Care LINK™ is a low-maintenance, low-cost,
reliable, secure way to get some added support to help your days go smoothly.

Here Is How It Works

LINK helps you live at home longer and with ease. We provide you with a team who knows you and helps you immediately, so you don’t burden family or friends and don’t have to wait until they are available.

Call us for anything. LINK will immediately go to work to get you what you need and/or put you in touch with resources who can help keep your life running smoothly.

LINK takes the burden of scheduling, chores and other activities off of you and allows you and your loved ones to spend time together enjoying life not running errands. 

We maintain previous preferences and information and are the go-to resource for your needs.  

Try Life Link

LINK provides the day-to-day support so you don’t have to worry about the small details;

  • Arrange transportation when you need it
  • Set up home deliveries or appointments
  • Refer, schedule and follow up with home repair service providers
  • Do all the legwork to connect you with community resources, services and benefits that can simplify your life

For one LOW monthly fee, you can have unlimited help with:

  • Scheduling a pre-paid car to pick you up and take you wherever you need such as:
    • Friend’s House
    • Community Center
    • Doctor’s Office
    • Physical Therapy
    • Classes
    • Grandkids
    • Theater
    • Movies
    • Grocery Store
    • Shopping
  • Research and schedule reliable handymen such as:
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Painters
    • Carpenters
    • Landscapers
    • Lawn Mowers
  • Schedule Home Therapy appointments
  • Schedule Physical Therapy 
  • Schedule grocery delivery or meal delivery
  • Providing appointment reminders on your scheduled appointments.
  • Provide prescription refill reminders.
  • Providing a one stop shop for resource information:
    • Connecting you to agencies or other health care providers.
    • Consult on other benefits that may be available to you.


Why give us a try:

Who is LINK?  Personal Assistants from Life Care Solutions who help our clients connect with the resources they need every day.

What does LINK provide?  Immediate assistance with getting things done such as scheduling of appointments, referring and coordinating service providers, and providing information and connections to resources.

What does LINK cost?  $74.95 per month (recurring after the 1st 30 day trial)

What does the service include?  The service includes access to our Personal Assistants via email and phone five days a week and any coordination we provide. All services arranged by our Personal Assistants are negotiated between you and the service providers.  Life Care Solutions provides Care Management services which can be arranged by us for an additional cost.  See our website for details.

Can I cancel?  Of course! If we do not provide peace of mind, cancel at any time.

For $74.95 per month, you will have unlimited access to our Care Associates via email and phone five days a week to help schedule and coordinate life’s administrative duties that can be confusing, cumbersome and time-consuming.  

Life Care Solutions also provides Care Management services which can be arranged by our Care Associates for an additional cost. See our website for details.

Don’t put your life or finances at risk, and don’t compromise your independence. Let Life Care LINK™ serve as your personal assistant!

Call us at (877) 794-9582 to get more information on how we can protect and simplify your life or get started by completed the form below! 

Life Care LINK™ is currently only offered throughout the state of Colorado. 

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