LINK is a new service designed for people who live at home and want to maintain their independence.  LINK provides access to the skilled Life Care Solutions team of Care Associates to help you get things done, find resources, and get helpful information.  LINK is your bridge to staying independent.  Scroll down to learn more.

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  • Do you or your family member wish to continue to live at home as long as possible; preferably forever?

  • Are you at a place in your life where you are getting along fairly well at home but you just need some help getting a few things handled?

  • Are you worried that if you needed some help with some home maintenance, errands or transportation and you aren't sure who you would call or if they would be available?

Life Care LINK is your answer.  LINK provides you with a contact to help you get things done so things go smoothly at home.   LINK is provided by Life Care Solutions and we have been granting peace of mind to families for over 20 years.  We help people design plans to remain at home and when there are challenges, we step in to help.  Falls are the number one risk when living at home and falls are usually the result of small issues that are neglected.  Things like using a ladder to change a lightbulb, getting out to refill a prescription or see a physician, getting to the store.   

  • Who is LINK?  LINK is a group of Care Associates from Life Care Solutions who help people like you solve problems every day.

  • What does LINK provide?  LINK provides three important things.  1) Scheduling of appointments.  2) Referrals, scheduling and follow up with service providers to get things done.  3) Providing information and connections to resources.

  • What does LINK cost?  $74.95 per month

  • What does the service include?  The service includes access to our Care Associates via email and phone five days a week and any coordination the Care Associates provide.  Any services arranged by our Care Associates are negotiated between you and the service providers.  Life Care Solutions provides Care Management services which can be arranged by our Care Associates for an additional cost.  See our services below for details.

  • Can I cancel?  Yes.  If we don't provide peace of mind, cancel at any time.

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