Care Management


Life Care Solutions coordinates comprehensive life-enhancing care that meets the individual’s needs, ranging from the basic to the complex. We focus on the care of seniors, developmentally disabled individuals, or individuals that have experienced a traumatic brain injury.  Our staff of devoted professionals is committed to providing services that encourage independence, maintain dignity, and value the individual.

Services are customized specifically to each client.  And each client works with a Care Manager whose skills are best suited to the client's needs.

How we support our clients:

  • Handling escalations from home care agencies or living communities:  Sometimes care agencies require guidance or approval and we can serve as the point of contact for them.
  • Responding to emergencies: Care Managers are on-call 24 hours / day.
  • Transitions to and from the hospital: Locating rehabilitation care or arranging support at home.
  • Managing a care plan with the care team: This may include the physician, physical therapist, physician assistant, home care or community staff, and hospice.
  • Transitions from home to communities: Determining a proper placement based on level of care, cognitive abilities and general “fit”.
  • Sourcing financial benefits: Assessing benefits that may be available and navigating the application process.
  • Communication:  Facilitating family communication and assisting with disputes.
  • Pets!:  Ensuring pets are cared for well.

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