Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA)


Appointing Life Care Solutions as your Agent or Successor Agent under MPOA will give you peace of mind in knowing that if you should become unable to make your own medical decisions, a company with years of experience will have your best interests in mind. 

Why Join Others Who Trust Life Care Solutions as Their Agent?:

  • Peace of mind knowing you have an advocate who knows your goals for quality of life.

  • Confidence in accessing over 20 years’ experience representing client’s wishes and a range of services to manage your care should you need us.

  • Security in having an authorized agent always available to carry out your wishes.

  • Comfort by lifting the burden of difficult decisions from family or friends.


Naming Life Care Solutions as your agent is simple:  

  • Update your legal documents:  We work with your attorney or can refer one to either name us as agent in your existing estate plan or develop a new set of documents.

  • Set up your profile and directives:  One of our experienced care managers will hold a meeting with you to get to know you and discuss your wishes.  We document all of those wishes along with the details of your current health care and key contact list. 

  • Maintain your directives:  We will check in with you at least annually to ensure that all of your health care information and directives are up to date and we'll discuss any changes in health you are experiencing.

  • Execute your directives:  If and when the time arises that you cannot express your wishes, we will step in and execute your directives according to your goals.  And we will continue to support you as long as you need us.

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