Do you need an advocate?

Do you live alone or care for your spouse and have concerns about what will happen if you lose the capacity to manage your or your spouse’s care?  Do you have family out of state that would like you to move closer to them, but you prefer to stay where you are?  Do you worry that your care may become burdensome for your family? 

Life Care Solutions can help individuals or couples manage their care and maintain independence.  Our team of knowledgeable professionals uses their expertise and experience to become the link between every facet of your care. We enjoy taking on difficult cases and helping to unburden family members.

As Care Managers We:

  • Relieve the burden on family members so they can focus on their relationship with loved ones

  • Provide an objective single point of contact for care questions and management.

  • Grant peace of mind for family members who are out of state or unable to respond to every call

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