It's My Life

It's My Life is a new approach to let people know your priorities in quality of life and healthcare directives.  Advanced Directives are typically written in legal language and medical professionals speak in medical language.  In addition, family and/or decision makers don’t speak in either of these languages, they rely on trying to understand your wishes in your language.  It's My Life seeks to bridge the gap between all parties involved and to give decision makers very specific guidance that will make it easier for them to make choices that represent your wishes.

The It's My Life document differs from other directives in three primary ways: 

  1. It is specific.  It speaks to your specific preferences about what makes life meaningful to you. 
  2. It is personal.  It is written in your own language to those you know will be using it.
  3. It is not restricted to situations where you may be near death or dying.  You can give direction about what is important to you for treatment even if death is not imminent.

Life Care Solutions can conduct a consultation with you to develop a It's My Life document that can accompany your Advanced Healthcare Directive to provide the additional guidance and clarity to family members and medical professionals that will allow them to make more informed and confident decisions about your care.

It's My Life is built on work by bioethicist Viki Kind.  More information on her work can be found here:

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