Does your client or your office need care management assistance?

Life Care Solutions works with a number of different professionals to help manage the care for their clients.  Whether you are a fiduciary, a medical professional, or a care provider, Life Care Solutions can help you serve your clients better.

For Financial Managers

  • Life Care Solutions can help to manage your client’s care so that you can focus on your client’s assets. We can also help conserve your client’s resources by managing care providers to their schedules and recommending less expensive solutions.

For Legal Professionals

  • Clients and family members often look to attorneys for advice about care and dealing with the aging process. Life Care Solutions can work with you as a partner to help family members take control of their family's care needs within the context of their overall estate plan and end of life wishes.

For Home Care Agencies

  • We can take on the inquiries you receive that are out of scope of your services, such as interfacing with physicians, managing with re-locations, and most of all dealing with family dynamics.

For Senior Communities

  • We are a resource in helping your residents and resident family members secure supports and access services that may fall out of the scope of your community. We can also manage crises and communicate with your staff when family members are not able or willing to do so.

For Medical Professionals

  • We can help you meet your follow up appointments and reduce patients’ lack of compliance with treatment by tracking their follow up and ensuring appointments are scheduled in a timely fashion. This is particularly important for patients who live alone.

  • We can work with your Care Management staff to help them track their cases and provide face to face visits if necessary.


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