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Safely treat and detect Alzheimer's!

"Treatment with the diabetes drug amylin (or pramlintide) safely improves learning and memory function in Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients and reduces the AD pathology in their brains." Read more here.

Delirium or Dementia?

Delirium is being misdiagnosed as Dementia more often then you might think. An article written by Sandra Boodman sheds light on this alarming fact and brings necessary awareness to the diagnoses. Read more here. 


Financial Planning is Important at any Age!

"It’s easy to think that a financial plan is only necessary when you need to make a big purchase or rearrange your portfolio." Read more here.

New Innovation in Food!

Today there are more deaths from choking than car accidents.  That is why a Japanese researcher has developed a more palatable food line for seniors that is easy to swallow. Read more here.